PRIVATE, SECURE Faxing for Schools


Does your staff send and receive education records and disclosures by fax — transcripts and other student records, insurance forms, applications, records requests, student financial information? With ISC Fax you can Email-To-Fax easily from anywhere in the school. Save your IT department’s time. No need to manage and maintain a network of aging desktop fax machines, T-1 lines and costly in-house fax servers. ISC Fax can solve that.

Cost Savings

  • No phone lines, data circuits or T-1 lines to install or manage.
  • No software to purchase, lease or install.
  • Use less energy and paper, save on costs.

Cost Savings

  • Cut headaches, wasted hours used by employees dealing with paper faxing.
  • No more bulky fax machines wasting valuable office space.

Workflow Improvement

  • Custom API Available.
  • Integration with Legacy Systems.
  • Track inbound and outbound faxing from one easy to use interface.
  • Receive real-time delivery confirmations to multiple email addresses.