Cloud Faxing Can BENEFIT Your Business

Benefits We Offer

In today’s economic climate, outsourcing your business messaging makes sense – especially when you can do so with confidence. At ISC Fax, we offer a full suite of messaging services that are not only cost effective, but reliable and secure.

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Easy to Use

Send an email-to-fax, or broadcast from your computer/mobile device. Can you send an e-mail? Then you can use our service. No additional software/hardware needed.

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Fast & Efficient

Our fax broadcasting services (also known as fax blast or broadcast messaging) you can send 10 or 10,000 messages in minutes. Get delivery confirmations via e-mail.


Personalize messages to meet regulatory requirements. Use logos on fax cover pages, custom text fields, time/date stamping, customize delivery confirmations.

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At ISC Fax, our secure messaging solutions comply with with HIPAA standards for integrity, availability and confidentiality of sensitive data.

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ISC Fax has two inter-connected data centers. They contain backups for all critical components, so there is no single point of failure.

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Cost Effective

Save valuable time/money by retiring your fax servers and eliminating dedicated lines. No hardware/software to purchase, maintain or implement.

We are HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliant data transmissions are a requirement in the healthcare sector. ISC Fax offers secure internet fax services to meet those standards of integrity, availability and confidentiality. Learn more about how we are HIPAA compliant!