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Our customers are very important to us.At ISC Fax, we have made client satisfaction a top priority for over 30 years. We invite you to browse the reviews and testimonials from our satisfied customers. Become one of our valued clients today!


“…What a joy it is to finally be “unchained”…in my daily work flow…”

“I easily save over 1.5 hours a day on this electronic fax life/work saver by also decreasing my paper costs, working toward an electronic environment where tracking is verified and administrative costs cut drastically.”

“Thank You for ALL you do for us!”

“Thanks again. You are always so responsive! Greatly appreciated!”

“I no longer have to print off a document to fax, find a fax machine, wait for the fax machine to become available, faxing and refaxing a document, dealing with paper jams, lack of paper, waiting on another fax to come in, memory full signs flashing, faxing ever so slowly, hoping that someone was professional enough to actually grab a fax for me and find my mailbox, remember everyday, at times every hour, to check my mailbox or fax machine for that important fax.”

“Everything looks great! Thank you for your prompt response!”

“Wow, that was fast! … thank you very much for the fast turnaround!”

“Overnight documenting with ISC has helped our department concentrate on other developments within our company.”

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